Welcome to the site


Since the day I made my first portrait of our daughter Molly more than 20 years ago, photography has been a defining force in my life.  It has given me access to people, experiences and places I would not have otherwise known.  It has also been a rich source of spiritual contemplation and expression.  I know many other folks who share my deep sense of engagement with the process of photography.  That is a community in which I live and one which I value deeply.

Through this website, I hope to share not only what I have seen but also what I have felt through the making of photographs. When I was about ten I began to sense that there exists a great tapestry of truth lying just beyond our sight.  I believe we may occasionally glimpse it in our dreams.  It may show itself briefly in our peripheral vision but when we try to look at it directly it disappears.   Perhaps its shadows appear in the images we make.     

I also hope that this site may be a meeting place and forum for a civil and intelligent discussion of the many intriguing issues that engage us as photographers and lovers of photography.  Those issues range from the technical to the more sublime themes we explore – intimacy and ritual, beauty and fear, eros and gender, and the finite nature of our existence to name just a few. 

So, welcome.  I hope you will visit often and feel free to share your thoughts on these questions.   I plan to update and expand the galleries with some frequency and to share my thoughts on specific issues that have intrigued me through the years.  I will also be inviting fellow photographers, gallerists, editors, designers and others to contribute here.  Please feel free to join in.