Some thoughts along the road from Bolsena

The road from Viterbo to Bolsena passes through a lovely landscape, about an hour north of Rome.  In early April the trees are leafing out.  The foliage is a myriad collection of greens of every hue.  The air is clean and sweet.  As the road twists and turns, there are broad views off to the left of Lake Bolsena, glimmering blue under the spring sun. 

A tiny parking lot appears off to the side of the road.  It has barely room for two small cars, with a stone wall into which are carved the words “Bolsena War Cemetery- 1945”.  No cemetery is in sight however, but only a long stone path descending through olive trees and a large field that is already in need of mowing.  My visit left me pondering America's present day dark politics.

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The chemistry of portraiture

Successful portraits result from that instant of collaboration. That moment when the subject connects and addresses the camera is often electric.  There is a non-verbal communication between us and for that short time we are alone in the world, entirely focused on the task between us. At that moment I feel an energy – an actual rush – that is unique in my experience.

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