Fox, Trans Boy Coming of Age

I began this series in July 2007.   The subject was the 9-year-old son of a close friend.  At the time we began photographing together, neither I nor Fox’s parents had any idea of what the outcome of his journey would be.   This was still a time when support services for trans kids within school systems were non-existent.   In fact, Fox faced outright hostility from the school and most of his classmates.   When we first met, he was shy and often appeared sad.  But from the first, the portrait sessions seemed to engage and enliven him.

Fox had three great assets working in his favor – a strong sense of personal courage, dedicated and accepting parents who became his fierce advocates, and excellent medical support at Boston Children’s Hospital.  Through the years we have photographed, I have witnessed Fox develop into a strong, healthy and confident young man.  And his mother has gone on to form one of the country’s premier support organization for other transitioning kids and their families – the Trans Youth Equality Foundation.   She is one of my heroes.