Taming the Lomography Petzval Lens

My Lomography Petzval lens sits on my Canon 5d Mk iii. (  That is an interesting combination of old and new technology.  I bought the lens on impulse in Paris last year as I was getting ready for several shoots.  That was not smart but it worked out okay.  Since that time I have tweaked my technique to allow me a much higher incidence of properly focused images.  This is the first of a few blogs which will share my techniques in hopes they will be helpful to others.

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The Making of a Book Cover: To Kill a Mockingbird

In the fall of 2000 my wife and I re-watched (and re-loved) the 1962 film version of To Kill a Mockingbird, starring Gregory Peck as Atticus Finch and Mary Badham as Scout.  I have always loved the story, which touched me both as a father and as a lawyer.  Atticus the fearless advocate had inspired me, but I was also moved by the tenderness between father and daughter. 

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Welcome to the site

Since the day I made my first portrait of our daughter Molly more than 20 years ago, photography has been a defining force in my life.  It has given me access to people, experiences and places I would not have otherwise known.  It has also been a rich source of spiritual contemplation and expression.  I know many other folks who share my deep sense of engagement with the process of photography.  That is a community in which I live and one which I value deeply.

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