Designing for Jack Montgomery

I've known Jack my entire life. I've celebrated almost every Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter of my 32 years with him and our families. I grew up with his daughters, forging friendships that have lasted into adulthood. I visited his father's hospital bed in his final days, and still hold onto and treasure John's last words to me. And lastly, I remember when Jack first began his love affair with photography, and how it changed him forever.

Website designer Graeme Chamberlain Kennedy

Website designer Graeme Chamberlain Kennedy

There is something indescribable that happens to people when they fully connect with their medium of artistic expression. It need not be a classical definition of art, and friends of mine have found their calling in fields such as farming, teaching, and cooking. For me, it came in the form of audio recording. At 14, I fell in love with the unknown potential of what can happen after I press record. For Jack, it came after the first few portraits of the his daughters—the loves of his life. But however it comes, finding your artistic voice completes you in the most magical of ways; it heals you.

When Jack approached me to re-design his website, it was truly an honor. He was allowing me to find a way to present his life's passion, and I needed to find a powerful yet respectful way of doing that without overshadowing his work or his vision. In the end, I let the images do most of the heavy lifting. His striking photography is paired with select typefaces, designed to communicate mood and meaning. His logo, clean and classic, speaks to the level of expertise and attention to detail in his work. Overall, I did little more than provide a framework for his photographs to tell their story, and I am thrilled with the results.